Book Repair

When repairing your old book we try to accomplish two things:

        First of all we try to restore the book as close as possible to its original
look and feel. At your request we will attempt to save the original
cover and spine or if we are not able to salvage the original, we will
make a new cover to your specifications.

        Secondly we want to make the book useable. What good is a book that
you cannot read? This entails attaching loose pages and reinforcing the
binding so that the book will not fall apart when it is used.

New Books

When making a new book such as family histories or thesisís, we will take the
pages and sew, glue and bind them into a fine usable book that has a nice
professional look to it. We work with you to pick the cover material and title
stamping that gives the finished book your personal touch.


We can also take your favorite periodicals and bind them into volumes for the
year or what ever time frame you desire. The books can then be added to your
library with nice stamping on the spine. They look nice, stay in order, and make it
much easier to find that article you want to read.


Please call or email for an appointment:

586 468-2481



Jim Tessmer

Colleen Dickey